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“Venice”: Pastel on Paper – commissioned art work

“Venice”: Pastel on Paper – Commissioned art work This painting was commissioned by a client who wanted a special memento of their travels to Venice. Much more intimate than a …

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My Artistic Influences: From Comics to Canvases

I have often been asked what my artistic influences are/were. A very complex question that would require an equally complex answer. Here goes: Basically, the influences change over time, just as one’s …

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On Optimizing your Website

Opinions are like websites; everyone seems to have one. And here is one of mine: If you have recently Googled (a good exercise) your Company/Product name and were not pleased …

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Seeing for the first time

Claude Monet once said he would like to be able to see like a blind man who suddenly regained his sight. His statement is as profound today as it was …

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