About Robert Kramberger

Born and raised in Montreal, Robert Kramberger is comfortable in both the corporate and creative world. He has extensive experience in Business Development, Corporate Marketing-Communications, and Investor/Public Relations.

Robert oversees Marketing-Communication strategies, on the agency and client side, for diverse industries including Natural Resources, Pharmacuticals, and Technology. The key service he provides is Copywriting for various media and platforms. Essentially, anything an enterprise requires to get their strategic message delivered…clearly, concisely, and on target.


A solo artist composing his own songs with his band/project, The Versetones, Robert is also the lyricist behind the works of AM Noise Music Project, creating whimsical word weaving plus bits of beat making. The songs encompass a kaleidoscope of melodic mayhem that explore a full sonic spectrum, resulting clash of sonic and poetic ideas will perk-up and awaken true music lovers who are craving to hear “songs” again.

Fine Arts

Robert’s passion for making art started at an early age, with simple sketching and caricatures that have flourished into Fine Arts. He takes inspiration from the fact that one of his artistic heroes, Claude Monet, started as a humble caricaturist.

“My greatest inspiration comes from nature, particularly the Canadian Landscape. I am attempting to recreate on canvas the experience of walking through a dense forest, climbing a mountain top, or strolling along a serene beach.” If the viewer can feel that they are part of the landscape and experience the moment, then my work is a success.” – Robert Kramberger