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Highlights from Pipers (Royal York Hotel) PDAC Event

This video shows various highlights of the Pipers (Royal York Hotel) Event during the annual PDAC Trade Show in Toronto. Great shots of guests, including shareholders, investors, and corporate executives having a a blast! Fantastic reviews from attendees extended beyond the event, delivering enormous PR and IR results for the host company.

PDAC Toronto-Trade Show/Event

PDAC_FGE BoothPDAC (Toronto Mining Industry Trade Show):

I Designed booths (changed from year to year), created all Marketing Collateral (Brochures, Invitations, Promos, etc.) for Forest Gate Energy (Resources) Inc.

Organized and managed annual live band event at Pipers (Royal York Hotel), featuring the CEO of Forest Gate (Michael Judson) on bass.

Event was an an enormous success, 7 years running. Attracted retail brokers, institutional investors, and industry peers with over capacity crowds, year after year.