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Matt Johnson (The The): Excerpt from ‘Phantom Walls’

Hey, don’t be afraid
Don’t try to run away
Because pain can be your friend
As it explains
The answers to your questions
Consoles you in blue reflections
Listens to your soul’s confessions
Then leads you in new directions

So open your heart again
And feel the walls dissolve
Something’s whispering to you
It’s time to let go
Because the only thing that stays the same
Is that everything must change
Everything must change

THE THE: New Single, ‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ – The Inertia Variations

“I have been waiting for tomorrow (all of my life)”, Matt Johnson (THE THE)

After a decade of absence from the music scene (not including film scores), Matt Johnson (THE THE) returns with a new single: ‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’.  And guitarist Johnny Marr — formerly with The Smiths and THE THE —  is back working with Matt.

The song, dedicated to Matt’s brother, Andrew, (an accomplished artist, illustrator on THE THE’s albums) who passed away in 2016, is from a new documentary ‘The Inertia Variations’, Inspired by the poem by John Tottenham, with the theme revolving around performance anxiety and fear of both success and failure.

Click below for video of new single, as well as clip of a THE THE classic ‘Uncertain Smile’ performed live in 1993.

THE THE – ‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ – from the film The Inertia Variations


THE THE ‘Uncertain Smile’ Live

The The (Matt Johnson): CD concept

The The (Matt Johnson): CD concept (From a series of CD compilation concepts I am creating for my blog)

Concept, Selection, Design, Copywriting: Robert Kramberger

I have been waiting for tomorrow (all of my life)

Matt Johnson was still a scrawny teenager when he released his first album Burning Blue Soul, in 1981. Critically acclaimed, commercially paralyzed, it was a brave, pionneering effort in Tech., Electronica, Soul and Blues. Odd mix? You bet. Plus he played every instrument! Very brave, indeed.

Over 20 years later, Mr. Johnson (A.K.A. The The) continues to explore new musical textures and genres – including an entire album of Hank Williams Sr. covers. Unlike his very early efforts, Matt now works with exceptional musicians, including the likes of Guitarist, Johnny Marr.

Regardless of the actual mucical style he tackles, Matt describes his work collectively as “Blue Soul” (hence the name of the first album). His songs “mine the soul” to discover “all of life’s little ironies.”

This music will stir your soul, or make you feel blue – but it’s all good. Good for the soul that is. So, dim the lights, crank the volume, and spend a little quality time with yourself. The effect is cleansing.

– Robert Kramberger 2015