Franc Kramberger: Master Baker and Pastry Chef

Franc Kramberger: Master Baker and Pastry Chef:

My paternal grandfather, Franc Kramberger, born in Maribor, Slovenia (1908 – 1983), arrived in Montreal, Canada via Graz, Austria in 1956. Arriving with his family (his wife, Maria, my father, Maksimilian, along with his brother, Frank, and Frank’s wife and son), my grandfather (Opa) set out to find work doing with he did best: bake fine European tortes and pastries.

He spent most of his career at the old (long gone, sigh!) St. Lawrence Bakery, located on the street of the same name, commonly know as the “Main” by Montrealers. In later years, it was renamed “La Vieille Boulangerie St-Laurent”, to accommodate Quebec French language laws. Still cannot, to this day, find a place in Montreal that makes Honey Cake as good as I remember from this old bakery.

As indicated on his diploma (see image of Mojstrski Izprit…”Master Exams”), he graduated in in his trade in1935 from the institute in Ljubljana.

Growing up, I was privileged to indulge in such exquisite delights such as Walnut, Dobos, and Punchtort! Especially loved my Opa’s Cremechnitte (laced with, perhaps, a bit too much rum!).

And we never had to be concerned with birthday cakes. Opa always baked for all family occasions.