Mom, Ducklings & One Busy Street

My good friend and fellow (and very talented) artist, Judy Csukly, recently had a wonderful encounter with a fair-feathered family while driving through St. Lambert.

In her own words:

“This family of ducklings with Mom  was in St. Lambert this week on the busy streets and I was able to run out  of my car and take these shots…she did have a guardian (the fellow on the  bike) holding back the traffic…she was trying to make it to the river….a  long walk and at the end of this street is a busy 3 lane high speed  highway…hope the bike guy helped them there?????”

“P.S. the President of the U.S.  could not have stopped the traffic any better…buses, cars, people running  out of homes with cameras etc…it really was a touching site…so wanted to  share it with you…one very special moment of  love.”

– Judy