Part 3: Original Songs and their Interpretations: ‘Wide Open Road’_Triffids + WPA

Continuing with my 3rd installment of posting songs/videos comparing original versions with cover interpretations, showcasing ‘Wide Open Road’, originally recorded and released by Australian band, The Triffids in 1986.

This is a rather dark, somber, moody ode to emptiness, both physical (as in the Australian landscape) and emotional (loneliness and desolation).

Music is much like art. The same subject can be interpreted in many tones and styles, with simple, or not so simple alterations (tempo/brush stroke, instruments/medium).

The cover version (live performance), by fellow Australian band, Weddings Parties Anything, illustrates this well. They have turned it (musically speaking) into a toe-tapping, sing-along number. The lyrics still reflect a rather melancholy narrative.

The Triffids (‘Wide Open Road’_1986)


Weddings Parties Anything: (live cover version: ‘Wide Open Road’)