Part 4: Original Songs and their Interpretations: ‘Telegram Sam’_Marc Bolan (T.Rex)_Bauhaus

Due to the enormous amount of fan mail, faxes, smoke signals, and telegrams that I have received in response to my award winning, multipart series of posting songs/videos comparing original versions with cover interpretations, I proudly continue with the 4th instalment.

Telegram Sam‘ was composed and originally released by Marc Bolan (T. Rex) in 1972. The song did not chart  as well globally as the previous release, ‘Get It On’ (although it did reach # 1 in the UK). Dig the groovy fashions!

The remake (1980) is by Bauhaus, led by enigmatic, Peter Murphy. I have chosen the promo video rather than a live version, since the video itself is a reflection of the unique style (much darker) of the post-Punk, Goth genre.

Marc Bolan (T. Rex): ‘Telegram Sam’ Live


Bauhaus: Remake of ‘Telegram Sam’ (1980)