Part 5: Original Songs and their Interpretations: Sweet Jane _ Velvet Underground + Cowboy Junkies

And now, the fabulous 5th installment of my seemingly never-ending presentation of songs/videos comparing original versions with cover interpretations.

Sweet Jane, originally recorded in 1970 and released on the ‘Loaded’ album (minus the now classic bridge), this quintessential Velvet Underground song is showcased with a live performance featuring original band members, including Maureen (Moe) Tucker on drums.

The Cowboy Junkies’ version is from 1988, and had been referenced by Lou Reed himself as “one of his favourites”. No small praise, at all…and “heavenly”, indeed.


Velvet Underground: ‘Sweet Jane’ Live Reunion Tour


Cowboy Junkies: ‘Sweet Jane’ cover, live

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