Take 1, Take 2: Original Songs and their Interpretations

Greetings music enthusiasts…and those just curious about matters cultural or just plain trivial.

I will be posting songs/videos from various artists, both recent and not so recent, comparing original versions with some crafty cover interpretations.

The songs…and their cover versions were not chosen because they were/are popular, but rather because of the unique impact each version had, stylistically or lyrically, at the time of their respective release. Some may be familiar, others not so familiar. I hope you enjoy!

After much review and thought, I have chosen ‘Gimme Some Truth’ (click first link below) for the first installment. Released by John Lennon on his 1971 album, Imagine, the song is a particularly biting response to the heated political climate in the early 70’s. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

The cover version is by Generation X, with a youthful Billy Idol (click 2nd link below). Released in 1978, the song is slightly updated to reflect the angst felt by British youth in that decade.

John Lennon _ ‘Gimme Some Truth’ 1971


Generation X version 1978: