Mutant Jazz: CD Concept

Mutant Jazz (Jazz Butcher + Split Enz): CD concept (From a series of CD compilation concepts I am creating for my blog)

Concept, Selection, Design, Copywriting: Robert Kramberger

Jazz Butcher:

Think of garage punk, Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground, a smattering of Pop, Blues, Country, New Age – seasoned with Lounge Jazz. That’s the JBC.

Pat Fish (A.K.A. The Jazz Butcher) and original partner in crime, Max Eider are back together after a 15 year split! Mr. Fish has been kicking around with a whole slew of musicians (some have actually been bonafide, talented Jazz folks) since the early eighties.

All this time, our pals, Pat and Max have been drinking way too much. Please enjoy the collateral damage.


Split Enz:

This is the original lineup(s) of Split Enz from the mid to late seventies. Most people only know the New Zealand/Australian band from their poppish incarnation in the eighties –

I Got You – through the Finn brothers (Neil and the original Split Enz founder, Tim) other musical outfit, Crowded House.

This stuff is really out there. Influenced by pioneers like David Bowie and Genesis (avec Peter Gabriel), these odd boys combine Pop, Classical, Traditional, and Jazz (particularly, 20’s Ragtime) with a style that defies classification. This is music that needs to be studied.

– Robert Kramberger 2015