XTC: CD Concept

XTC: CD concept (From a series of CD compilation concepts I am creating for my blog)

Concept, Selection, Design, Copywriting: Robert Kramberger

Andy Partridge – resident genius and stage shy Pagan.

XTC are:
Andy Partridge – resident genius and stage shy Pagan.
Colin Moulding – musician extraordinaire and balance.

Together, they are the core of XTC (other musicians/members have come and gone over the last 25 years).

This collection of songs covers a period from 1986 to their most release Apple Venus 2. As usual the music is quite eclectic: Classical, Jazz, Pop – and a whole lot of that special XTC sound. And yes, this is the original version of Peter Pumpkinhead (The Crash Test Dummies did a fine cover). The songs are acerbic, caustic, and occasionally controversial (Dear God got them a bit too much attention), but always with tongue firmly set in cheek.

Mr. Partridge is certainly not be a big fan of religion, marriage or touring, and for that we are most grateful. Where else would the inspiration for such superb music come from?

– Robert Kramberger 2015